Make every marketing dollar count.

Forvio is a powerful MMM marketing analytics tool to help you understand the efficiency of each marketing channel and allocate budget accordingly. Dynamic statistical and machine learning techniques let you visualize and analyze investment data across multiple marketing sources in just a few clicks.

Marketing Attribution- The Problem of Every Marketer

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker (1838-1922)

Marketing Attribution

Digital tracking

  •  Depends on user tracking
  •  Limited to certain online channels
  •  Difficult to interpret
  •  Lots of assumptions
  •  Increasingly less valid with privacy changes (e.g. iOS 14.5)

Experimentation (List Tests)

  • Expensive
  • Takes time and lost conversions
  • Adhoc
  • Operationally complex
  • Limited to one channel at a time

Modern MMM with Forvio

  • Measure online and offline data
  • Include external factors
  • High predictive validity
  • Easy to set up and interpret
  • Not dependent on cookies
  • Regular model refresh capabilities
  • Multiple scenario planner

Marketing Mix Modeling is tricky

Forvio simplifies how you gather, analyze and optimize your marketing activities – for every campaign and every channel.

Analyze your historical ROI development across multiple channels. 

Determine how new product launches are reflected in sales.

Identify which influencers of earned media are contributing the most.

Recognize promotion performance for specific product groups.

Product launch 17 Jan 2021
Blog post 02 Apr 2021
Promotion 30 Aug 2021

What is the ROI of each channel ?

Where should I invest more or less of my marketing budget ?

How can I reduce spend and still achieve the same results ?

How much of my budget do I need to spend for each lead ?

Optimal daily spend: $24,534
Average daily spend: $35,075

Determine the contribution of each channel’s revenue/conversions to allocate budget accordingly

Directly link channel performance and ROAS

Compare online and offline channels 

Boost overall business performance by working smarter

Why Forvio?

Our media mix model lifecycle is end-to-end

Data extraction

Fully automated solution for complete development cycle

Currently data preparation for MMM can take up to 60% of time. As your business grows, so does the extent and complexity of its MMM strategy. Forvio simplifies that. Our fully automated integration allows you to easily access data across major platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads in a preconfigured way.

External sources

We offer an initial set of public data sources such as holidays, weather and COVID data that might influence your business.

Data preparation

Easy to use

Interactive and unique approach to data blending of multiple data sources for preparing time series datasets. Use live data previews with interactive validation for empty values, outliers, and other anomalies. Preconfigured data grid templates are available for different use cases and industries such as retail, fintech, e-commerce, telecom, media.

Scalable DataOps architecture

Pre packaged open source library from Facebook

Rather than offering a “best secret sauce” algorithm like our competitors, we offer a prepackaged open-source library from Facebook (Project ROBYN).

Custom models

Take advantage of premium hosted options and deployment of custom models

Standard API

With a standard and open API, Forvio aims to disrupt the industry with an open source “martech models marketplace”

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