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How to Operationalize Marketing Mix Modeling

Explore the world of Marketing Mix Modeling through the eyes of three industry leaders.



It’s one thing to recognize that Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) helps unlock the most out of a media spend and is a key tool for today’s marketers working hard to push their brands forward.

But knowing how MMM can do this for a particular marketing team attached to a unique brand is a whole other information set.

So here’s a detailed walkthrough on how to implement MMM, which will help marketers understand each step in the process, from data collection to model selection and analysis.

Table of content

  1. Right Data
  2. Software
  3. Decisions Making
  4. Challenges

Get Expert Perspectives and Tips from Three Industry Specialists

In the book you will learn a lot of great tips and strategies to help you get the most out of MMM, all thanks to three industry professionals who share their knowledge on the subject.

Evan Keading

Evan Keading

Lead Solutions Engineer at Supermetrics

Mustafa Celen

Mustafa Celen

Data Scientist at SeturTech

Ben Dutter

Ben Dutter

Senior Vice President of Strategy at PowerDigital

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