Forvio is now a badged Meta Business Partner

As a Badged Meta Business Partner, Forvio proudly forges a strategic alliance with Meta to deliver cutting-edge solutions and revolutionize the marketing analytics landscape.

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Forvio is now a badged Meta business partner


Kosice, Slovakia, June 13, 2023 — We are excited to announce that Forvio has become a Meta Business Partner, marking a significant step forward in advancing marketing performance measurement for advertisers.

By combining our collective expertise and resources, we are leading the way in transforming how advertisers measure and optimize their budget allocations and marketing strategies. Together, we're empowering advertisers to achieve remarkable success with a modern approach.

Advertisers can expect a range of benefits from Forvio's partnership with Meta:

  • Advanced Attribution: Forvio and Meta's partnership gives advertisers access to cutting-edge attribution modeling, enabling accurate measurement and optimized strategies for maximum effectiveness and ROI.

  • Seamless Integration and Optimization: As a Meta Business Partner, Forvio seamlessly integrates with Meta's platform, empowering advertisers to leverage advanced tools and resources for streamlined campaign analysis and optimization.

  • Expertise and Future-Readiness: As a part of the Meta ecosystem, Forvio is equipped with industry-leading expertise and innovation, keeping advertisers ahead of the curve and at the forefront of marketing trends.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Forvio, Meta, and the broader marketing ecosystem. With a shared commitment to innovation, growth, and customer-centricity, we are empowering advertisers to achieve unprecedented success with a modern approach to MMM.

Forvio invites advertisers to explore the transformative opportunities presented by our partnership with Meta. Together, we can overcome attribution hurdles in the advertising industry and drive remarkable success.

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Forvio provides a cutting-edge self-serve Marketing Mix Modeling platform that empowers advertisers to optimize their marketing budget allocation and maximize attribution visibility through data-driven insights. With a user-friendly platform, Forvio revolutionizes the way advertisers measure and optimize their advertising efforts, driving exceptional ROI and fostering business growth. Discover the transformative power of Forvio today.