Forvio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Forvio celebrates their partnership with Google Cloud as they join the prestigious Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

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Forvio Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage


Kosice, Slovakia, October 03, 2023 — Forvio announced today that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a technology partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to effortlessly access cutting-edge Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) insights and valuable attribution visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Forvio offers customers advanced and modern MMM capabilities. By leveraging Forvio’s platform, advertisers gain deep insights into the impact of their marketing initiatives, enabling data-driven decisions and optimization of marketing resources.

Key features includes

  • Self-Serve Marketing Mix Modeling: Forvio offers easy access to its powerful MMM platform, allowing advertisers to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts comprehensively.

  • User-Friendly Interface: With Forvio's intuitive interface and ability to have multiple workspaces, advertisers can navigate seamlessly through the platform, making the most of its robust capabilities without any steep learning curves.

  • Native Integrations: Forvio's platform seamlessly integrates with Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, Google Ads, and various other platforms, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating tedious manual processes. This holistic integration empowers advertisers to leverage their existing ecosystems effectively.
“We are excited to join forces with Google Cloud Partner Advantage and offer effortless access to our MMM solution. Our goal is to democratize MMM to advertisers so they have accurate attribution visibility and a reliable way to optimize their marketing budgets. Our solution is built on top of Google Cloud and offers seamless integrations with Google BigQuery database one of the most used marketing datawarehouse”
- Andy Kozak, Chief Product Officer at Forvio

Discover how Forvio's MMM platform can revolutionize your advertising and budget allocation. Visit their website at to learn more about using their advanced marketing analytics solution.

About Forvio

Forvio provides a cutting-edge self-serve Marketing Mix Modeling platform that empowers advertisers to optimize their marketing budget allocation and maximize attribution visibility through data-driven insights. With a user-friendly platform, Forvio revolutionizes the way advertisers measure and optimize their advertising efforts, driving exceptional ROI and fostering business growth. Discover the transformative power of Forvio today.