Forvio Secures 800 000€ in Seed Funding from Crowdberry

Revolutionary Marketing Analytics Platform takes a giant leap forward with significant investment.

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Forvio joins forces with Crowdberry Investment Management


Bratislava, Slovakia, September 12, 2023 — Forvio, an innovative provider of marketing analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce that it has secured €800k in seed funding from Crowdberry. This substantial investment will strengthen Forvio's position in the market and accelerate its mission to transform the world of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) for businesses globally.

Marketing Mix Modeling is a powerful tool that enables companies to optimize their marketing strategies by analyzing the impact of various marketing channels and activities on overall sales and revenue. With Forvio at the helm, organizations can gain invaluable insights regarding budget allocation and drive smarter strategies.

This latest funding round not only validates Forvio's innovative approach to democratizing MMM but also reinforces its commitment to revolutionizing the marketing analytics industry.

"We’re incredibly grateful to receive this significant investment and be backed by Crowdberry. This funding means we’re able to further develop our cutting-edge marketing analytics platform and provide businesses across the globe access to technology that’s historically only been available to multi-billion dollar companies. Very exciting things we’re working on."
- Andy Kozak, Co-founder of Forvio

According to recent studies, the marketing analytics market is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 21.7%. As businesses strive to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape, the adoption of advanced Marketing Mix Modeling solutions like Forvio becomes imperative for businesses to gain a competitive edge.

"By investing in Forvio, we believe we are backing a truly game-changing platform in the field of marketing analytics, built by an experienced team. We perceive Marketing Mix Modelling as an important tool for marketing efficiency and optimization, with an increasing number of companies, potential Forvio clients, putting their focus on. Looking forward to seeing their continued growth.”
- Michal Nespor, Partner at Crowdberry

About Forvio

Forvio's advanced self-serve Marketing Mix Modeling platform empowers advertisers to optimize media budget allocation and gain a holistic and strategic view of marketing performance. With a user-friendly interface, Forvio revolutionizes advertising measurement and optimization, driving remarkable ROI and fostering business growth. Advertisers can analyze the effectiveness of their marketing tactics across various channels and ensure the best allocation of resources for maximum revenue generation. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies in one convenient location. Experience the transformative impact on your business's bottom line with Forvio at

About Crowdberry

CB Investment Management manages an investment fund with assets worth €23.2 m, intended to support young Slovak companies. As an independent subsidiary, it belongs to the Crowdberry investment group. The mission of CB Investment Management is to find and support innovative companies and teams with ambitions to grow internationally and create added value for the domestic economy. The fund under management called CB Growth ONE is financed from resources managed by the Slovak Investment Holding and the fund’s own resources. It effectively leverages the experience, expertise and network of contacts of the investment team, as well as the ecosystem of Crowdberry platform, where successful companies can apply for additional capital. CB Investment Management has invested in 36 companies since the launch of their investment fund CB Growth ONE in 2019. The fund’s portfolio includes startups operating in multiple sectors, including FinTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, and ESG, among others. More information at